We don’t know what to call these closed days at home, we don’t know what and how to define what until yesterday, after all, was the usual boring daily routine.

I don’t take a shower anymore! I don’t train, I don’t go out for a long walk with my dog, I don’t have the opportunity for shopping or going out for a pizza; so why do I have to wash myself?

Also this morning the dog followed me in every room of the house wagging his tail in the illusion that we were going out for a walk. POOR BLUE ‘.

Actually she did it because she saw me washing myself and dressing properly, without staying in my pyjamas until noon!

And why did I do it this morning? Because today they’ll bring me fruit and vegetables, so it’s an occasion for social life!

We have to settle for these little things, to wear jeans and be happy that it still manages to tie the button. That’s an evident sign that the two weeks closed at home cooking and eating, with few possibilities to dispose of, are not creating TOO many hitches

Today I would have an opportunity to go out indeed. Last Saturday, (oh my god it seems to me a century ago instead it happened only the day before yesterday!), Doc Nurse gave me the coupon for pick-up the withdrawal results. And I kept it, even if I don’t remember where I’ve put it.

When the oncology nurse called me to explain how to get the sample, she also told me that Doc Oncologist would have looked at the results of the tests on the computer. And then, if there had been no urgency, which I strongly recommend, they wouldn’t let me go to the visit on April 2nd.

Now, the day for the retreat would be today, March 24th, and I would have the possibility of going to the hospital with justified reason. It would be a walk beyond THREE borders, municipality, province and region! In defiance of all those who don’t have a valid reason and perhaps invent to pass along the railway to escape the controls.

I’m not afraid of the outcome (true, not true, bah …), but this morning I would’nt go to the hospital to collect the results of my analyzes. I will not take this LIFE STRIKE. On the other hand I’ll call the Doc Diabetologist to report that she also can check the exams from the computer. And then she’ll let me know if I have to go to visit on April 3rd or not.

Here, however in this specific case, there’s a strictly personal gain. Yes, because at Diabetology they would put me on the scale! I would not know how to justify the pounds taken from the last visit. Unfortunately, today all diets and good intentions to get back on track have disappeared in the psychological protection of this forced quarantine.


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