This morning I had the most cool event of the past fifteen days.

Whau you should say.

Of course, I answer. For the moment.

I set the alarm at 6.20 a.m. and, as usual, I woke up two minutes before it rang. What do you want, it’s my ancestry.

I went to the bathroom and collected the pee, then I washed and dressed. I wore green denim trousers, comfortable because they are stretchy and a little less banal than the usual jeans. Then I chose the black V-neck pullover, to have the excuse of putting a scarf around my neck. Without any delay I chose to put on black ankle boots, which languished after almost a month of inactivity.

At that point I went back to the bathroom, in front of the mirror, to finish the details of the make-up; I have never cured it in a specific way, but this morning is a special day because I will go out and then I will do my best.

I’m ready, I said to myself, I collect my bag, cell phone, keys and documents.

“Then I’m going” I shout to Sauro from the corridor “I feel like a criminal preparing the big shot!”. From behind the bathroom door comes a soft laugh. We are all tense.

I put on a mask and gloves. Now I’m really ready.

I remove the key from the door and push the button to open the fence gate; when the door closes behind me, the fresh morning air caresses my cheeks, in the areas left free by the mask. An encouragement comes to my ears which at the beginning I cannot distinguish then, looking up, I see tricolors hanging on the balconies and, unexpectedly, a strong clapping accompanies my steps on the sidewalk.

Everything seems to say: “you will make it! You will make it!”. I get in the car and put the key in, then wait for the engine to start. How many days are I not driving? Almost twenty, I mentally count.

The parasol falls in front of me and the noises around me go out. Let’s go. I look at the mirrors wondering who can be behind or beside me. In front of the windshield, a lone cat placed himself in the middle of the street, above a manhole. I dodge it and turn left.

Between empty streets and intersections there’s no sign of life, also from the sidewalk. A woodpecker ventures from a pine to a laurel. At the roundabout with the car on the right to start on the main road, then I glance to my left, to see the traffic in front of the supermarket. Desert.

The void is taking over, such a scenario would not even have been imagined by Asimov or P.H. Dick, not even the legendary BRADBURY!

I arrive at the ring road and here too I encounter the desert, the void; the only positive note is that there is no police or carabinieri or police or finance blockade that exists. I pass the petrol and gas station, which is very popular because it has the best prices. Here too there is a vacuum and tempting the fuel price banner flashes unnecessarily. 1.29 per liter, NEVER SEEN!

The few corners left before I arrive at the hospital await me without seeing a living soul; the mask annoys me on the nose, gloves are not a problem. I arrive in front of the building, which has become a friend after frequent visits, and I am pleased to note that there is no parking problem, and I can leave the car two meters from the entrance. Magic.

A gentleman walks beside me looking around, then sees that I go straight to the stairs leading to the basement and asks me if he has to go to the reception; as I nod and follow me I notice the absence of the man kneeling to ask for charity outside the main entrance.

the wait is long because, as usual, I arrived too early, but then everything happens quickly enough. I would like to cheer, but it seems absurd behavior given the context. then I go to the bold car: I did it, I made the sample for the oncological follow-up, and they didn’t ask me to do the swab for the CORONAVIRUS COVID-19. I’M SAVE!

But when I get home I can’t resist and, as soon as I cross the gate, I raise my arms to heaven as a sign of victory.

Around me no chorus of encouragement or applause of compliment … MAYBE I DREAMED EVERYTHING !?

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